Tue. Aug 11th, 2020

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There is a tomorrow waiting for me

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YOU ARE NOT DOOMED. Don’t live fatalistically. Don’t get caught up believing that you’re stuck with the same abusive partner that keeps cheating on you and spending your money, stuck with that powerful addiction that seems to control you, stuck feeling disconnected, stuck feeling too much emotion, stuck being the same old person, stuck feeling as if there is no way out. Have hope. If you have contemplated death today I recommend today that you contemplate life, contemplate having a lot of life. Contemplating that you have a good tomorrow is a very difficult thing to do for someone that is hurting. Your heart might be struggling right now on how to deal with these conflicts. Don’t just wait for some indicator outside of yourself to set it off. Be the trigger, the primer, be the match, be the bullet or whatever you want to call it but be something other than what you are now. Rebellions aren’t just the aspirations turned into action by angry young boys who actually make something happen but history tells us it will never be performed by gutless old men. If you cut your guts open and spilled them on the floor it’s time to put them back in. Adjust yourself, stand up and walk away from the mess. Make things happen.

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