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In combat I have witnessed casualties of an extreme traumatic nature. I specifically recall a case where my team was ambushed. As a result, we took the fight to the enemy. I took a small team of Afghan militiamen, rushed the ambush, assaulted our way up a mountain and pushed the enemy back from one mountain ridge to another. We held them in place by fixing their location with machine-gun and small arms fire until our support arrived to take our place and then we countered the ambush by assaulting what was left of the attack force.

We killed almost all the enemy. Unfortunately, Geneva Conventions and The Law of Land Warfare required that we treat any enemy wounded during the ordeal. There was one enemy casualty that stands out. Our 18D medic and his team of commandos, scaled an adjacent ridge that we were suppressing after the counter-assault was complete. We were doing our dead checks and gathering any priority intelligence requirements that may have been left behind by the dead enemy. One of the casualties assessed had 37 bullet wounds.

This man was part of the local insurgent force who had attempted to fire at my assault element when we had established a foothold at the top of the mountain.  I had focused one of my PKM machine gunners and two riflemen on their location until the enemy fire ceased and no movement was visible from their location.  Our medic attempted to treat the wounds and keep him alive, but at the point where we were unable to safely get the recovery team off the mount with the casualty, we left him.

Nobody, wanted to treat this guy, but it was our duty to obey the laws of warfare and treat him despite our personal feelings. When the decision was made to leave the man on the side of the mountain, there were several factors that came into consideration. We did not have the special equipment necessary to descend down the mountain safely with a casualty that wasn’t ambulatory. Transporting the casualty was a great risk to the safety and security of the contact team.  The casualty was suffering from 37 separate .30 caliber wounds to his head, torso and limbs. His wounds were so extensive that the probability of his survival was extremely unlikely.

The enemy casualty was already dead, bleeding life from more holes than we were effectively capable of treating. We faced the point where we were wasting, security, medical resources and manpower to treat an enemy combatant who was going to die possibly before we could even get a MEDEVAC to take him to Kandahar. The longer we spent trying to save this guy and extract him from the mountain, the greater the threat to the team.

Mind you, it took us 5 days to insert into this area by horse, donkey and foot. We lost our donkeys almost immediately. Our team was in enemy controlled area surrounded by unfriendly villages on both sides and on foot with some enemy Personnel Under Control (PUC) from previous missions that day and casualties. We were now at the mercy of Big Army’s aviation platform availability.

This brings me to today. The United States is bleeding from numerous wounds. The Constitution…..THE FOUNDING DOCUMENT….of our nation is under attack and has been blatantly voided by an insurgent force from within. Inalienable rights are being infringed upon. There is both an overt and covert force undermining legitimacy of our government. Our currency has been utterly devalued and our nation is all but bankrupted.  American culture and the very fabric of our society has been violated, undermined, devalued, mocked, demonized and all but criminalized.

The concept of America as a nation state with borders is actually-being-debated. We are a nation that has been burdened by perpetual war for over 20 years. American symbols and history are being erased, rewritten and redefined to the perceptions and definitions of an ideology that is completely counterculture to American values. Our elected representatives have failed the PEOPLE completely. Our Representative Republic has fallen to the ways of a democracy and mob rule. The commerce system is giving way to Marxist Socialism and liberty is dying. Most of all we are a nation divided.

I write this article in a state of torment, that a country and way of life that I loved and enjoyed as a youth has decayed. The nation whose foundation, culture and values I considered the light of the world that I swore on my life to protect. The nation with a Constitution and Bill of rights that I and other good men and women swore an oath of allegiance to “defend against ALL ENEMIES, FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC”. I am in torment because I, like so many others are now forced with the decision.


Much like my ODA with the Taliban casualty on the side of a mountain, that dark night in enemy controlled territory. Our decision is simple. Let die, what is dying, concentrate our efforts on and fight for the living.  This is not a decision that can be made easily or taken lightly. The repercussions are great and what is to gain can far exceed anything we can imagine.

Before, we can move forward to heal and rebuild we must accept the reason it has to happen. You don’t need to rebuild something that isn’t damaged. In order to heal you must identify the wound. You must assess the extent of the damage to be repaired. Once the assessment is made, there is a decisive moment to move forward with the repair process. One cannot ignore or deny the fact that our nation is broken. The republic has failed. Our complacency has allowed those who are supposed to serve us by representing our wishes to enslave us. We have become slaves to excessive taxation without representation and are subjects of a politically correct system.

Before we can rebuild our nation and restore it to greatness we must commit to fighting off the infection that is killing it. This means that we must accept that the process will be painful. It will be arduous. There will be no convenience. Sacrifices must be made. Unless you understand these truths and willfully accept that once you embark upon that path your life will be changed forever, you will not be able to endure what is sure to come.


In countering an insurgency, the burden generally falls upon the government. The government in most cases is the problem which spurred the resistance movement, that grew into an active insurgency. The first duty is to reorder it’s society so as to reduce or eliminate causes of conflict. They must address both the populace and the insurgency. The concept of Internal Defense And Development (IDAD) emphasizes the use of mobilizing the populace to ward off the insurgency.

The mission is simple in concept:

Ward Off – Mobilize the populace to literally run the insurgents out

Isolate – Identify them, Expose them and Exploit them

Destroy – Physically destroy the enemy with direct action

Convert – Convince insurgents who are not fully committed that they are on the wrong or losing side, sway them to the populace viewpoints. This includes convincing them to give up insider information that will lead to the capture, death and destruction of insurgent personnel, weapons and equipment.

Taken from a US Army FM FM 100-20 on Military Operations in Low Intensity Conflict:

“The populace will mobilize on behalf of the government when the people feel that its policies meet their needs and they are reasonably free of the threat of insurgent violence. Unless the people feel safe, they are cautious about supporting government programs. Their reluctance to do so may give the appearance that they do not care which side wins. The government must protect the people; then it must engage in balanced development to redress their social, political, and economic grievances. A government under attack normally does not have the resources to respond to all the needs of all the people at once.

 If it did, it would probably not be faced with an insurgent threat in the first place. The government must analyze the situation and establish priorities for programs for which it does have resources and which will tip the balance of mobilization in its favor. (A guide to counterinsurgency analysis is at Appendix C.) Institutional development is a major way in which a government promotes social cohesion and popular mobilization. Institutional development is the process of creating mechanisms within a society that enable people to identify common goals and work together to achieve them. Institutional development involves people at the local level and links them to the national community. It promotes organizations and methods for the two-way communication essential to mobilizing popular support for national objectives.

Institutional development integrates disparate groups around common social, political, and economic needs, establishing new structures where none existed. It strengthens existing institutions. It modifies or eliminates those that work against national unity. The government, however, must be prepared for the adverse effects of institutional development. These will inevitably arise from changes in familiar ways of doing things. But these discontents, in the long run, are less dangerous than maintaining the status quo. Government provides encouragement, leadership, and material and financial support to constructive institutions. Institutions enable the government to ascertain the needs of the people, to formulate development programs, and to evaluate their effect. They permit the government to exert influence and to be influenced.”


Standard Counter Insurgency protocol requires that operational planners prepare for various tasks that must be accomplished in order to eradicate an insurgency.  Each of the tasks can be accomplished simultaneously or systematically in any order. The tactical situation may not allow the accomplishment of these tasks in specific chronological order.

  • To implement development programs
  • To establish control in populated areas
  • To neutralize the insurgent infrastructure and tactical forces
  • To deny the use of insurgent bases
  • To establish government strength and authority in selected areas


This is a task that is typically taken care of at the government level and is a process-in-itself. This generally requires that the government negotiate with both the insurgency and the populace to develop programs that benefit and appease both parties, while still allowing the established government to maintain authority. In the case with the United States current socio-political environment it appears highly unlikely that many such programs can be implemented. Examples of these types of programs might be a food delivery program, fair elections committees supervised by a third party and counter mining programs.


This can generally be gained by the implementation of developmental programs. However, in the event where the government and the populace are not working cohesively and the populous is against the insurgency; it is still the burden of the populous to ward off the insurgency. Grassroots movements and other “ground up” organizations are the best in infiltrating populated areas, spreading counter insurgency propaganda and recruiting militia ranks.

Recruitment for the counterinsurgency is ESSENTIAL. By doing so this will assist the counterinsurgency movement in taking control of populated areas. Control of populated areas is not a one time and done job. This must be constantly worked on, reinforced and grown. Organization is the key. Recruitment of counterinsurgency friendly personnel is NOT FOR EVERYONE. That said Not everyone recruited is going to be physically engaged. The levels of support needed for recruitment works in tiers.

Tier 1 (Operational) – This will be the most highly motivated group. This group of people has likely been isolated, victimized or ostracized by the insurgency directly and have an axe to grind. Typically speaking, these are male subjects, physically able and are between the ages of 13 – 45 years of age. They will be recruited, vetted and trained to make direct contact with the opposition. They will execute protests and other paramilitary activities.

Tier 2 (Auxiliary Support) – They are likely influential people in the area who are business owners and community leaders. They have resources that can be donated and dedicated to the efforts in the local area to push out the insurgents. Because they own businesses, farms and are heavily involved with the community and local government, they have access and placement to sources of intelligence and information that can be analyzed, employed and weaponized against the insurgency

Tier 3 (Support) – This level of support is generally the ground level. This is the sensing level and if one can gain popular support and acceptance in the local area of operation they can gain operational momentum. These are the silent majority who are often the victims of both sides. Many will seek to just see an end to conflict and are likely to go along with which ever side provides the best option for them. Its possible to use the support level to gather information and spread information amongst the populace.


When a counterinsurgency operation is being run effectively, there is a cohesiveness between the populace counter-insurgent force and the government. However, if the government is not in unison with the people the objective of neutralizing the insurgent infrastructure and tactical forces becomes difficult. When the counterinsurgency has the support of the government, the government can and will usually aid and assist with personnel, equipment and other resources. Any attempt to neutralize insurgent infrastructure and tactical forces without government backing generally leads to the perception that the counter insurgency force is running rogue and illegal activity. This is the very reason that the recruitment and development of low-level sources and having a robust support / auxiliary support structure are so important.

A good example of how one may achieve sufficient support to endeavor infrastructure and tactical force neutralization would be as follows.

“The counterinsurgency has been developing support and auxiliary support in a small town. The town is frequently plagued by insurgent forces by way of violent protests, property destruction, attacks on the local populous intimidation and harassment. The local sheriff and police department are overwhelmed by the insurgents and due to the nature of the insurgent operations, they are rendered impotent in prosecuting the actors for their crimes.

Recruitment operations have been successful and there is a general agreement that the resistance is excessive and needs to be controlled. Fear and intimidation prevents most people from standing up to the anarchy that is employed in the streets. The local law enforcement organizations are too afraid to interfere with the insurgent behavior in that they do not want to violate the insurgent group right to expression and fear being reported for use of force violations if escalated. One of the ways that the insurgents get away with their violence is by using the legally established system to acquire a permit for a protest. They then weaponize their protests and use their constitutional right under the first amendment as a shield.

The counter insurgency recognizes this and begins to focus their efforts on eliciting information from already established local sources who have access and placement to personnel inside the local law enforcement agencies and city hall.”

By eliciting information from the support network and gaining information on contacts within the local law enforcement agencies and city hall, the counterinsurgency can turn these key influential organizations into part of the Auxiliary. Imagine if the local Mayor was part of the support channel and assisted the counter insurgency in making it difficult for the insurgency to acquire legal permits for protests. Now gaining a foothold within law enforcement agencies could also make the local operational area a more permissive environment for counterinsurgency operations and activities.

Such gains in local support could also lead to local municipality resources contributed toward the effort at the local level. None of this activity requires federal government assistance. In the United States per example; the local Mayor, Police Chief and Sheriff are all grand slam hits when it comes to garnering support to inhibit insurgent infrastructure and tactical forces.  Ideally a Sheriff, Police Chief or other official could look the other way when it comes to how the counter insurgency deals with the insurgent force.


A recent film released by Steven Crowder, he and his crew infiltrated an ANTIFA group. They used the same exact strategy as highlighted in the example above.  They gained legal clearance through permits and would weaponize their gatherings. In the video the organizers would schedule training for their operational forces and rehearse how to unleash violence on the populace. They would implement covert edged weaponry, toxic chemicals and other means to inflict damage or injury on their victims.  In the video they used a local park and other public places to organize and train.

This is where a good intelligence network comes in handy. If the enemy is time and place predictable as to when and where they conduct organization and training, the counterinsurgency sources could act as eyes and ears. If the counter insurgency knows when and where the organization and training take place, they can then be disrupted and forced out. Having the local authorities as active members of the counterinsurgency movement makes denial of safe spaces for the enemy so much easier.


This is based on the success of the counter-insurgent movement’s abilities to recruit and develop a robust support channel. Having infiltrated and gained support of the local or regional government is of the highest importance here. Nowhere is this truer than the United States. To say that it is important to surround one’s self with other like-minded people is an understatement. Remember insurgencies begin because of frustration with the current form of government. What better a place to start than at the lowest level. Gain support of the populous, the local officials and begin to govern.

The Constitution and Bill of Rights begins with this phrase, “WE THE PEOPLE”. Each state within the union retains its own sovereignty, and is an amalgamation of townships, parishes and precincts. To win the hearts and the minds of the people is the core of success for any successful Insurgency or counterinsurgency.  Again, it pains me to write these words in that I realize our republic is a dead and has become a failed state of affairs. It is being run by a toxic combination of the Deep State and a Shadow Government.

The Deep State is comprised mainly of the Military Industrial Complex as described and warned about by former General and President of the United States in his parting speech to the union. This is the invisible force that pays the special interest groups to purchase corrupt politicians and buy their way into the achievement of a successful agenda. It is the Federal Reserve Board, that manipulates currency and is no more a federal agency than it is a reserve. The International Monetary Fund and World Banks who are linked to the Council on Foreign Relations, whose members contributed to the very establishment of the CIA in the 1950’s. It is these groups who see “We the People” as human renewable resources.

It is the Deep State and their billionaire philanthropists who sponsor insurgent and other subversive forces through racketeering. Their money generates engineered crises and controlled opposition forces. The prime motivation is to create a global economy that is comprised of an elite club of crony communist tsars, while the rest of the world toils to serve the ever-controlling oppressive government they helped to install.

The shadow government is comprised of secretive and illegal organizations that enforce the will of the deep state pulling the strings of the politicians and special interests. The shadow government is the enabling infrastructure and enforcement arm. The NSA, CIA, Defense Intelligence Agency, Department of Justice, Department of Homeland Security and the IRS are all weaponized against the people.


When such an environment exists there is certainly discontent among-st the people. This leads to frustration and is fuel for an insurgency to grow. It is for these reasons the counterinsurgency must be a grassroots effort. In cases such as this, the counterinsurgency is a three-front war. The operational guerrilla effort must be eliminated, and the government must be changed from the inside. This begins at the lowest level.

Once the counterinsurgency force has taken control of local municipalities and governments, they can begin to flush out the Shadow Government. The most peaceful way to execute this is through legislation, administration and prosecution. The alternative is a violent confrontation with the government. Violators of the standing law of the land and members of the shadow government must be prosecuted and punished in accordance with the nation’s policies for espionage, sabotage and treason.

Only through the legal prosecution of treacherous members of the shadow government, can the Deep State be exposed. Of course, this model is an example of how a counterinsurgency can be executed. Van Jones, the former Green Jobs Czar under Barrack Obama and avowed Communist, explained that “Progressive Change” must occur in the following manner.

“We can’t just leave the federal government in the hands of our enemies and expect to go make a lot of progress. So, even if we can’t get everything done that we want to get done out of D.C., we certainly can’t let other people have the level of control in D.C.

But also, you can see right now, .D.C. can’t do much by itself. You ought to have that bottom-up movement. And that’s what’s been missing is that bottom-up sense of movement to get the best out of D.C. And what’s stopping that is the inside-out piece.

You know, we talk about power more than any other people — every kind of political, economic — we talk about power all the time and are more afraid of power than anybody I know. We talk about power, empowerment this, empowerment that, we want power – we don’t want no power. Because when you have power, you become a real target. And there is a sense that we’re not healed from some historical traumas.

We’ve been trained not to have power. We’ve been trained to protest. We’ve been trained to critique and to be mad at NASA (ph). We have not been trained to grab the whip and put it down and run the plantation. That’s not what we’ve been trained to do.

So I would argue that it’s the inside-out transformation that will ignite the bottom-up transformation that will make the top-down transformation work.”

The insurgency model they used was “Top Down, Bottom Up & Inside Out”.  Glenn Beck in is hit TV show for FOX said it best in 2010 when he explained it this way, “OK. Top-down, remember, put the radicals in; and the bottom- up, get the revolutionaries to rise up. Grab the whip and run the plantation.” The very same model works in countering an insurgency.


It’s Latin for “If you seek peace; prepare for war”. My intention is not to warmonger in writing this article; but to educate. We as a nation have been embroiled as pawns in a long running attempt to overthrow the United States of America and forever shame the American Experiment. It should be clear to the reader by now that Progressivism is Communism. Socialism is merely a transitional economic state leading to Communism.

It is the Communists who have been building an insurgency from the top down. They have infiltrated the ranks of our government by installing and legitimizing radicals. From the bottom up, the radical government officials have encouraged revolutionaries to enact “Progressive Change” which is code for overthrow.  The concerted effort between the radicals and revolutionaries will turn the system inside out. Controlled chaos is the term that best describes this. The revolutionaries and the anarchists are merely controlled opposition. The auxiliary support of the media and tech companies allow for the propagation of a fake narrative designed to suppress and oppress any opposition to this communism.

The weaponization of the shadow government such as the IRS to punish organizations and individuals whose views are a threat to the insurgency. In fact, the IRS itself is nothing more than an attack dog for the shadow government that extorts and steals from the people illegally under no ratified authority. The CIA controls the media, NSA and NRO surveil everything we do; and the DHS and DOJ criminalize us on a massive scale enforcing laws and regulations that defy the constitution. The currency and lifeblood of our nation has been embarrassingly devalued, and each generation of our youth is being groomed more than the last.

What I have presented to the reader here is a simple choice with context. I’d like to quote Murray Rothbard’s The Ethics of Liberty in 1982.“Just as no one is morally required to answer a robber truthfully when he asks if there are any valuables in one’s house, so no one can be morally required to answer truthfully similar questions asked by the State, e.g., when filling out income tax returns.” In other words, “Taxation is theft”. The concept that the bill of rights can be infringed upon in cases such as restraint and conditions placed on the second amendment is criminal.

The first amendment has been superseded by social justice policies and political correctness. Tech Giants have become allowed to literally “Unperson” someone such as the case with shock jock Alex Jones. The right to protection against warrant-less search and seizure and a fair and speedy trial NO LONGER EXISTS!  State sovereignty is bullied away from the states and ceded to the federal government by cuck politicians on the doll.

We can lay impotent and play the role of victim while we watch the communists trample over our GOD GIVEN birth rights. We can struggle and dwell on the memory and imaginations of the glory of something that is already dead; or we can act. By doing so, it will not be easy. There will be sacrifices and to make this decision convictions must be granite. In closing this, you have been educated. The context is laid, and the choice is clear. You have been familiarized with the consequences and an example plan has been given. Your future lays within your own will to be free.

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