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Thank you for your Service

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Now don’t be a douche…

False humility is worse than honest arrogance. The truth is people can do whatever they want, that’s the beauty about being a human being, we get to be our own individual.

Whether someone says anything or nothing, in both circumstances your response and character should be the same. You should IMO be polite, whether it’s awkward for you or you feel entitled to it, you should be kind regardless.

Whether you’re too humble to receive a thank you or so entitled you need the validation, in both cases the common denominator is you’re a Veteran.

So you can either hurt the community by being an entitled, disgruntled broken victim, shaming people for not thanking you…or…be so arrogantly modest, so lofty in your humility, you make people feel embarrassed and feel stupid for thanking you.

Either way, the irony is you both are the same, douche bags. Instead, veterans or not, be a human being that is kind, respectful, empathetic, mature. Be a good person. Say thank you, say I appreciate it, say it was my honor.

Don’t make someone who took the personal initiative to be polite, whether they meant it or not, feel stupid for it or worse be discouraged from being kind and ashamed for their actual gratitude.

“Youth ends when egotism does; maturity begins when one lives for others.”~Hermann Hesse

Happy Veteran’s Day

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1 thought on “Thank you for your Service

  1. Well said and on point. I find the glib statements often made today to be empty execution of protocol. I find that frustrating in itself, as it has become the “thing to do.” My gratitude to all veterans lies deep in my heart and soul. Being the wife of one provides a unique, albeit “bystander” opportunity to intimately understand one person’s experience. On a humorous note, I got so tired of people disingenuously thanking me for my “service” as a teacher (extremely annoying as it places me on a level that is false and unwarranted), that when it was over the top and obviously false; I would say, “Well, I do take checks…” (I guess you’re better at humility than I am…)

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