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Once More into the Fray

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Once more into the Fray,
Into the last good fight I’ll ever know,
Live and Die on this day.
Live and Die on this day.

I have spent a lifetime of service protecting the weak, carrying the downtrodden. Though my own personal injuries and battles within, are always at war, others before self is my burden. I have paid for it through feelings of betrayal & hurt, confusion & a broken heart.

I have been with friends through all things. From suicide attempts, self harm, rapes, molestation, abuse, depression, financial & family crisis. I have given when I had nothing, I have given when I had everything. I have been told, I’ve loved the wrong people & told others are not worth it. But I don’t believe anyone is not worth it, nor is loving those people & all people wrong. We are called to love all people, I exist to serve & love all people.

Those who live a life of service: Paramedics, EMT’s, Police, Fireman, Military, etc. Whose hearts are for the broken & hurting can attest- Those who are broken, hurting, who have experienced trauma, hardships, who carry pain & memories. Always bring hurt & destroy those closest, those who choose to walk beside them in those moments of darkness.

We must not let those things & circumstances affect our intrinsic values. Who we are. We must not grow cold, resentful or angry. We must not grow tired when all seems for not. But bear witness with enduring patience, empathy, & understanding. Our burden is that of sacrifice, God has given us the strength to endure.

We must Suffer Patiently, Patiently Suffer. If not us than who? The world is a broken place & hearts without selfish ambition are rare as the will to endure hardships & pain.

How many people leave or quit at the first sign of difficulties or inconvenience? That use the word love as tool to get something, but show true intentions by quitting & leaving.

Is not Love patient, kind, without envy, does not boast, nor proud. It does not dishonor others, nor self-seeking, not easily angered, keeps no record of wrongs. Does not delight in evil but rejoices in truth. It always protects, trust, hopes, & perseveres.

“For those I love I will Sacrifice”
Always Beside You⚡⚡️

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