Mon. Sep 28th, 2020

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Headed Out to Kill a Man

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Years and years ago in Oakland, California our mother was beaten and robbed of her money by a group of despicable men. One of them happened to punch her to the ground and to this day she still has a visible scar put by his hard ring upon her gentle forehead. It split the skin open. I still recall my older brother looking at me, after the police left the house, he with a telling glance that signaled we should get into the car and kill all of them. This isn’t a confessional; no men were found and so no men were killed but it puts to the test how far are you willing to go beyond the limits of the law, and beyond the morals put upon yourself when someone hurts a person that you love. Can a sane and loving man become a vengeance-filled irrational being? In a heartbeat brother, in a heartbeat 📸@3nathumb3gun 32/365 Who doesn’t how how to be an animal? Only share with me your secrets on truly being a man.

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